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Feeling a bit of a brick

March 27, 2011 | 6:37 pm

I said brick, just in case you weren’t paying too much attention!

I didn’t know what a ‘brick’ training session was until last month, but was introduced to it by a guy on Twitter – @j4m1eb

It’s basically a training session where you get your legs used to transitioning from riding to running. Obviously, this is a key part of a triathlon and one that I struggled with when I did the Clumber Park Duathlon.

So, yesterday morning, I went for a run, then a ride, then a run, then a ride and finally a run again.

To be precise;

1) a 2.31 mile run, then
2) a 10.47 mile ride, then
3) a 1.45 mile run, then
4) an 8.37 mile ride, and finally
5) a 1.14 mile run

It took me just over 1hr50mins and I was pleased that by the end, I was still able to finish with a sub 8 minute mile.

Apparantly, the reason these training sessions are called ‘brick sessions’ is because that’s how your legs feel after you’ve finished!!

Mine didn’t feel too bad and in a wierd way I also enjoyed it. Doing short sessions of different disciplines makes a longer session go by very quickly, and adds good variety.

A couple of hours later though and I was feeling it, but not in my legs. I didn’t eat anything before I went out, and only had a bowl of cornflakes when I got back. I should have eaten more than that. About 90 mins after I finished, I started feeling light headed and dizzy. Very odd. A couple of slices of toast and I was back to normal, but I did feel a bit of a ‘brick’ for not eating something before doing such a long session!

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