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No news is good news

March 23, 2011 | 8:53 pm

Or more specifically the lack of updates on the site is good news. I haven’t done too many posts on the subject of Samuel’s Diabetes in the last few weeks because, well, there isn’t much new to report.

This is generally because we have settled down into a steady and largely unremarkable routine.

The insulin pump keeps his blood glucose levels in a pretty tight band. We calculate the carb in his food and dose. And that’s about it.

We have the odd high, on average over the last fortnight he has been over 10 (180) once every other day. In that period, he’s only been over 15 (270) twice, and following our last visit to the Paediatric Consultant, we worry (a little bit) less about him going high. His mean bG is 6.8 (122) and his Standard Deviation around this has been 3.1. All in all, not bad control. It could be better, but not bad.

And this is probably why I blog less about Diabetes than I have. Without new incites, its just more of the same old routine, and who wants to hear about that? I don’t imagine you want to read… “today Sam’s bloods were OK” seven days a week. I know I wouldn’t.

On the one hand this is good. It shows that we have got Sam’s diabetes under control and that the management of his condition is becoming second nature.

On the other hand, without new and interesting posts, people won’t visit the site. I started this blog with the hope that it would attract lots of visitors keen to hear about our diabetes experience. And that the traffic generated would deliver advertising revenue to raise funds for Diabetes UK & JDRF.

Obvioulsy, I’m not going to sacrifice the control we are currently enjoying for an increased readership, and will settle for this status quo. And I’m sure we have lots of unforeseen diabetic challenges ahead of us as Samuel grows up, and this is where you’ll read it first folks!!!

In the mean time, let’s not forget the other world that we report on here, that of Cycling/Triathlon. And whilst the Diabetes side seems to be calming down a bit, summers coming…. which can mean only one thing – more time on the bike!!

Posted by Gareth

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