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About turn!

March 20, 2011 | 9:05 pm

As I’m sure you’ll recall, I mentioned last week that Samuel was struggling with his infusion site changes and we were going to try Emla cream to help him.

We did our fourth site change using the cream tonight and it was our fourth in a row without Samuel so much as batting an eyelid. He is quite happy to let me insert the needle, to the point where Nikki didn’t even notice we’d done it. And she was sat with us in the kitchen.

Compare this to a couple of weeks ago where we would have had tears and tantrums, and the difference is 180º opposite.

We have also had to use a different infusion set which has a slightly bigger insertion needle, and Samuel isn’t phased by that anymore either. This Emla cream really is amazing. All we do is apply it to the new infusion site half an hour before required and let it numb the area around the site. Samuel says he can’t feel a thing when the needle goes in. Brilliant!

The new type of infusion set also seem to be more robust. We haven’t had one break down early yet.

So overall, Samuel’s diabetes management has been pretty good this last week!

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