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Sebastian’s Bistro at Caribbean Beach Resort

February 22, 2019 | 7:38 pm

Last nights #foodporn comes from #SebstiansBistro at Caribbean Beach. The whole menu is also available from the bar next door (Banana Cabana) so we had tried a couple of the items earlier this week.

Starters (appetizers) were Jamaican Meat Pies, Crab cake, Caribbean Pull Apart rolls and the Jerk Chicken Wings!

All are good! The meat pies have a thin crust with tasty, well spiced meat inside. They are saved from being too dry by the accompanying spicy tomato sauce – nice! The crab cake was full of crab meat that was sweet and fresh, and the accompanying sauce didn’t overpower. The Rolls are effectively just a bread service but come with three dips – one of which, the salsa was delicious.

All are good, apart from the Jerk Chicken Wings – which are Fantastic!!! One of the best things we’ve eaten all week! We actually had them in the bar the first night we got here and couldn’t resist again!! So good! The Jerk seasoning is sticky and sweet and spicy – and oh so moreish!!! I’d recommend a visit just based on these, but you can get them in the bar, so definitely head to #BananaCabana if you like resort hopping for different experiences!

The main courses (entrees) were the sustainable fish – tonight it was Mahi-mahi, the Caribbean Goat Curry, the Skirt steak and the sustainable shoe fish, which tonight was Yellow Snapper.

Again – all good! The consistency of this new restaurant is impressive. The Yellow Snapper came stuffed with oranges and was big fish for one person by any standard. The skin was seasoned and crispy and the flesh was tasty! If you aren’t prepared to deal with eating off the bone, you’ll want to skip this one! Yellow snapper doesn’t really fall off the bone. And the first side was a little dry. When I turned it over, the juices had dropped down and the second side was much better. The juices had also dropped into the Turmeric rice which added good flavour too!

The Mahi-mahi was filleted and served on a plantain mash – really good combination but you have to like plantain! There was a lot of it and it dominated the flavours! My wife had the Caribbean Goat Curry which was full of Jerk flavours and had lots of tender meat. Something different, but still really tasty!

All good – except the Skirt steak, which was excellent!!! We normally eat steak rare but the waiter suggested a little more cooking, as skirt steak has fat in it that needs rendering and he was right! It still came and bloody but was sooooo juicy and sooo tender! The accompanying chimmichurri sauce gave the tastes of the Caribbean too. This was the best main course and again, highly recommended!

By this point, we were pretty stuffed but had to try a couple of the deserts! Based on reviews, I had to try the Mile Marker Zero and whenever Chocolate pudding is on the menu, my daughter is right there! Both were very good. The Mile Marker zero is a very tasty key lime pie on a stick, coated is gorgeous dark chocolate. The chocolate pudding has a crispy topping and a gooey sauce like consistency underneath. Some might find it too runny, but we smashed the thick topping into small pieces and it mixed well with the sauce below!

The wine list was also good! I had an interesting Jamaican Stout and Nicky had a fab Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc!

Posted by Gareth

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