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Breakfast at Centretown Market in Old Port Royal, Caribbean Beach Resort

February 18, 2019 | 2:24 pm

We are staying at Caribbean Beach resort and tried breakfast in the refurbished restaurant for the first time this morning! We have never stayed here before so can’t compare to any previous offerings.

Between us we had the ham & cheese omelette, the chocolate chip pancakes, the American breakfast and ‘Build your own breakfast bowl’…! All of them were good quality and cooked freshly to order.

However I have to tell you about the build your own breakfast bowl! I chose Chorizo as my protein and Poached as my eggs, and they all come with Home Fries, Pico de Gallo and Salsa Verde…! This was SERIOUSLY good! $9.49 plus tax – a bargain! Two spicy sausage patties and two perfectly poached eggs combine with the potatoes and sides for a SPICY breakfast- what a great start to the day!

Update: What a difference a day makes! Back in Centrepoint Market again the following morning and order the Breakfast Bowl again, this time with bacon instead of chorizo sausage!

This time, they got the order wrong (gave me vegetarian sausage instead of bacon), I had a lot less potatoes and much more salsa which made the overall dish a lot wetter! Too wet in fact. Had this been my first time, I’d have been very disappointed.

It’s amazing how the same dish from the same restaurant can be presented in two such opposing ways! Shame….!

Posted by Gareth

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