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Yak and Yeti Counter Service in Animal Kingdom

February 18, 2019 | 1:05 pm

We’re back at Walt Disney World! Our first day is in Animal Kingdom and we took the opportunity to try the counter service version of Yak & Yeti for lunch! The full service version is one of our favourites so expectations were high!

We had Korean BBQ Rib tips, Honey Sesame Chicken, Asian Chicken Wrap and a side portion of Pork Egg rolls – followed by the Mini Mango Pie. They were all pretty good but the Korean BBQ Rib tips were the best with tender meet and a great spicy sauce! A bonus was one of the dipping sauces we found on the kart that dispenses ketchup, napkins etc! The Thai style sauce made a much better alternative to ketchup for the fries – if you like spicy food!

Overall, pretty good and better than your average Disney burgers! However, with the exception of the Korean BBQ rib tips, the food at Harambe market would still be our choice for a counter service lunch in Animal Kingdom

Posted by Gareth

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