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Bleeding Cannula

March 8, 2011 | 6:52 am

No, I’m not swearing. Although I am annoyed with Samuel’s cannula’s in one respect.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that we had started to see the odd breakdown of his infusion site on the third day of use.

Last night, we changed his site after two days. He was going high for no reason. And when we changed the site, the insertion point was bleeding and there was blood in the cannula itself.

No wonder he was going high. The insulin won’t go in, if blood is trying to get out!

It always seems to happen at the end of the day too! He was over 20 (360) by 9pm last night. So by the time we had changed the site and started getting some insulin going into him, it was way past everyone’s bed time.

Another night of testing followed. He was 13.5 (234) at 2am and back to 6.8 (108) by 6.30am. I was pleased how we managed to avoid the previous temptation to load him with insulin and bring him crashing down! That is a good lesson learned.

However, we still have the issue of the site breaking down too quickly.

Time to roll out the Emla cream I think, as per a suggestion from a reader of the earlier post. Let’s see if it helps!

Posted by Gareth

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