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You’ve got to have a goal!

April 24, 2011 | 8:32 am

I did my favourite loop this morning, and went really hard at it from the start, determined to set a good time.

I have always hoped I could one day get this done in under an hour, and thought for a minute I was on for it. In the end however, I was 45 seconds over the hour mark. Not to worry, I thought, that will still smash my personal best.

Well, it did, but not by as much as I had thought. According to the Garmin site where all my records are stored, I did it in 1hr1min36secs last July. I don’t remember that at all!

So today I was 51 seconds faster than that, but I thought I was WAY quicker than I’d ever been before. Maybe 51 seconds is a big gap on an hours ride? I certainly felt like I’d ridden harder than ever!

If it is, then the extra 45 seconds required to get under the hour mark is going to be a massive stretch. It’s good to have a goal I suppose!

Posted by Gareth

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