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The Marathon Man’s second coming

April 13, 2011 | 12:31 pm

You’ve all met Tim before.. Also known as the Marathon Man, Tim starred in this post, as my demon running coach!

He ran the London Marathon in 2009 for The Red Cross. Often, running for a charity is the only way to get a place in the race. This year however, he’s got a place of his own, so he doesn’t have to worry about raising money and meeting a sponsorship target.

Except that he is, raising money I mean. Having seen what has happened to Samuel in the last 12 months, he said that he would run for Diabetes UK this year, even though he doesn’t have too!!! How good is that???

Let’s make that clear. He can just run the race and not worry about sponsorship.

He doesn’t have to pester people at work. He doesn’t have to nag his mates down the pub. He doesn’t have to ask distant family members to put their hands in their pockets.

But he has!! You can’t argue with that now, can you?

So, now it’s over to you.

Here’s the link…

You know what to do…..

And just as importantly, good luck to Tim in the actual race. The latest news from the training camp is that he doesn’t have any niggles going into the weekend. So, if its stay’s cool and the blokes in the monkey suits keep out the way, he is hoping to do a sub-4 hour time.

Good luck mate!

Posted by Gareth

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