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How low can you go….?

November 19, 2010 | 6:09 pm

No, we haven’t been playing limbo.

But Samuel has been struggling with going low regularly in the mornings, since moving over to the pump. He gets up about 7am and his BM’s have been pretty good overnight. He is usually waking at the same level as he goes to bed at – in the region of 5-7. Breakfast will be at about 8am and, on average he’s having 50g of carb and bolus-ing at 1:10, giving himself 5 units. So far so good, right…?

Well, everyday this week at school he has been low by 12pm, and this morning was low by 10am. After a couple of times, we dropped the amount of insulin he was getting but he is still going low.

And the diabetic nurse recommends sorting this out before we calibrate the pump for basal rates. I don’t disagree with her logic because the calibration process involves starving him for 6 hours. And if we did that in the morning at the minute, well…. major hypo!!

But it is frustrating that we are locked in a loop, and can’t calibrate his pump yet.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who had similar issues when going onto a pump for the first time. And what you did to overcome it.

Posted by Gareth

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