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Samuel’s Pump maker Roche has launched a new site

November 16, 2010 | 6:43 pm

Samuel’s pump of choice was the Roche Accu-chek Combo. We have been mightily impressed with their product and support so far.

I was just checking around their website again this evening and noticed they have launched a new site, aimed at children – with some snippets for parents too.

It’s probably a bit basic if you are experienced with type 1 diabetes. But for those new to the disease, its pretty good, and well laid out.

And as I already mentioned, a lot of the pump experience is based on the support they give you. Our pump rep was until recently a diabetes nurse in Doncaster. We didn’t know her when she was working as a nurse, but her experience certainly seems to help, because, so far, she has been a first class representative for Roche. (I wonder if she’ll read this!?!?!)

It’s for that reason as much as anything else, that I’m happy to share the link with the new kids site.

Posted by Gareth

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