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How did Sam judge the trial

October 24, 2010 | 7:43 pm

So the trial is over. Three days attached to a Roche Accucheck Aviva Combo, to give it it’s full name. What to report?

Well…. Samuel struggled slightly on the first night because it woke him up a couple of times. Having a foreign body attached to you for the first time is bound to be different but a 10 year old boy will wake up after a night like that thinking the world had ended. With hindsight, we needed to better manage how the pump was attached to him when he was sleeping. He rolled onto it once, which woke him and turned over a couple of times, pulling the tube against his infusion site, again waking him.

A little more thought and on the second night, we attached the pump into his pyjama pocket with a safety pin, meaning it stayed in situ for the night.

So he went from very negative to quite positive. However, when it came to taking the infusion site off, we had to remove the cannula and plaster. I wasn’t there so Nikki did it. Apparantly, the world ended again. I can see this being an issue every time, so it may take some little practice and perhaps some sort of anti-adhesive spray too.

Overall though, Samuel still feels positive about the pump and so I suppose the trial was a success. The test pump went back and we now await the Roche rep who will arrange for Samuels actual pump.

Posted by Gareth

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