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What the dentist said

September 26, 2010 | 7:44 pm

This is something I didn’t expect to learn at the dentist.

I was being the conscientious dad when we all went to the dentist on Thursday night. It was the first time Samuel had gone since he was diagnosed, so I mentioned to the dentist that Samuel was type 1 Diabetic. I don’t know if you’re supposed to tell them but there’s always a sign up that your supposed to tell them if your pregnant!! OK it’s not the same, I know.

Anyway, having mentioned it, our dentist immeadiately chipped in “Oh, the BCG vaccination can reverse that”

“I’m sorry!”, I said “Do you mean the TB innoculation cures Diabetes?”

I’d not heard of this but the matter of fact way in which he said it knocked me a bit. It was almost as though he was saying, “Oh don’t worry, he’ll be cured in a couple of years when they give him the TB jab!”

Straight home, straight on Google and I found this. Wow!!!

Has this been known for a long time? Or is it a recent development?

I now find myself in the wierd situation of hoping Samuel’s TB vaccination will cure his diabetes!!

What is also interesting is that I had to have it when I was thirteen but Nikki (my wife & Sam’s mum – have I introduced you?) has natural immunity and didn’t have to have the jab.

Could there be something in this? It’s generally believed that Diabetes is caused by a genetic pre-disposition triggered by a virus. If the TB vaccination can reverse it, might Nikki’s natural immunity to TB have been inherited by Samuel with some sort of genetic link between TB & Diabetes???

My mind wonders and boggles!! It’s not always a healthy thing!!

Posted by Gareth

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