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Review of dinner at California Grill at The Disneyland Hotel, Paris

October 27, 2018 | 5:50 pm

September 16th 2018

Our second and final evening meal at Disneyland Paris was in the #CaliforniaGrill.

By way of background, this restaurant is used by the hotel for breakfast but the characters don’t come in so at 8am that morning we were able to sit literally anywhere. We chose a window seat with a view over Main Street train station and onto Sleeping Beauties castle- perfect! (FYI this is table number 52). As we left breakfast, we asked the Maitre D if we could have the same table for dinner that evening. He put a request on our booking, but wasn’t able to guarantee it.

When we arrived for dinner, some 12 hours later, we were welcomed to the restaurant by a completely different team of waiters, but they immediately reassured us we could have the table we’d requested! How good is that?

Onto dinner. Dining on the Premium dining plan, we had a set menu which is nominally priced at €60 per person. They let you know this so if you want to choose from elsewhere on the menu, you can see the additional costs. We were content to stay with our menu. Nikki had the beetroot & goatscheese salad to start whilst I had the raw scorpionfish tart. In the taste competition that we always have, Nikki won the starters, but only just. My fish was fresh, well seasoned and tasty but beetroot with goats cheese is a tried and tested combo that just works! 1-0 to Nikki!

Round 2 – I had the Pork, Nikki had the Cod. You couldn’t separate these two – definitely a score draw. Both really tasty and well cooked!

Seconds out – final round! Nikki had a ball of chocolate whilst I had the cheese board! I saw the cheese trolley as we came into the restaurant and had my eye on it from the start! Nothing on the menu would have tempted me to change my mind and it was magnificent. Although to be fair, you could have just fed me the Camembert which was ripe and warm! ??? Nikki’s desert looked fabulous but wasn’t as rich with chocolate as you’d think, so I definitely took the points here!

Overall, that meant it was a draw but when the food is as good as this and you’ve got a view of the castle to boot, well, we’re definitely both winners!
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