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London Triathlon 2015

August 9, 2015 | 5:11 pm

Yesterday, I completed the London Triathlon (Olympic Distance) for the second time.

Some of you might be saying, “I didn’t know you were doing a Triathlon..?” It’s true that up until now, when I’m doing a sponsored event, I’d be banging on about it for weeks in advance.

This one has been different though. My training build up since the start of the year has been so hit and miss due to injury, that I wasn’t even fully confident that I’d finish the race. Given that, I didn’t want to push the fundraising so hard, only to let people down by failing to finish.

Having completed it now though, its interesting to compare this one with the last time I did it, in 2012. Because, basically, they were chalk & cheese. Yesterday, it took me 3hrs19mins – three years ago, I did it in 2hrs42mins. Thats 40 mins difference! it can’t all be due to getting old, can it???

Actually, I don’t think any of the difference is age related. When I look back at the build up to the triathlon three years ago, I was much fitter much earlier in the year. In March of 2012, I completed the Clumber Park Duathlon running the first 5k leg in 7’39 min/miles! (Thats QUICK for me!) This March, I wasn’t even running but having physio on my lower back!

I’ve been getting fitter through the summer and did manage to complete the triathlon yesterday, and enjoyed it too! This really just makes me determined to continue the process through the coming winter and into next year. Hopefully, next August, I can get closer to (or even beat) the time I set in 2012!

Through all this, I’ve also learnt that I need to split my exercise challenges apart from my fundraising. In reality, I’m doing these for myself. We still need to raise funds for a cure of course, but continually asking people to sponsor me for selfish challenges is not sustainable…. So going forward, our fund raising will take a different shape. More of that to come.

This will also mean that this blog will change slightly. I will continue to update on the trends around Type 1 Diabetes, especially our experiences as we move towards a cure. And I will update on our fundraising as we do it. But I shall reduce the amount of cycling and triathlon related posts, and keep that on social media!

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