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My level best

August 1, 2012 | 10:01 pm

Firstly, and most importantly, a huge congratulations to Bradley Wiggins on his Gold medal in the individual Time Trial. He cycled 44k (27 miles) in just under 51 minutes – well ahead of the rest of the field! Outstanding.

Inspired – I went for a ride this evening, to get my August IronMan total off to a quick start. I thought I’d also use it as a way of putting a little context onto what Bradley did.

my ride

Admittedly, I cycled a little further than Brad did – 3 miles more. It took me a little longer…. Nearly 55 minutes longer. So basically, he’s nearly twice as fast as me.

In my defence, my route is probably a bit lumpier than cycling around West London. And I bet Brad’s route didn’t go over a level crossing…. where, would you believe it, I had to wait for a train…


It was a nice night for a ride, even though I did get rained upon for about 5 mins, two thirds of the way round! I hope others were similarly inspired by Brad and we see more
people out cycling.

Posted by Gareth

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