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Samuel’s quarterly clinic

December 14, 2011 | 4:31 pm


This is my first post for a month!

Things have changed a bit in the last couple of months and I just haven’t had time to blog.

We now test Sam through the night as well as during the day. We started doing this roughly about the time we went to the Friends for Life conference in October.

Before that, we were running him slightly higher at bedtime to make sure he didn’t drop by morning (based on advice from the clinic). However, at the conference, we learnt that’s there no real scientific evidence that running him higher will guarantee he won’t go low in the night. It just means he’ll be higher when he goes to bed – which isn’t ideal in the first place!

This is the main reason I haven’t blogged – testing him every night at 11pm and 2am, in addition to his other tests mean I’m always knackered!

Anyway, the point of the blog (which i write whilst we are waiting at the hospital) is that Samuel’s quarterly clinic appointment is today.

This will be his first HbA1c test since we started testing him through the night.

In theory, this tighter control in the night should see a reduction in his HbA1c but I feel his has been running higher this last couple of months (which is borne out by the stats on his pump), so I’m expecting a slightly higher result – we shall see!

Whilst at the clinic, I will also be discussing CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Its very new technology and at £3k a year to run, we aren’t going to get this from the NHS but I am interested in bringing the consultant along for the ride on this part of our journey – if she can see the benefits, perhaps others at our clinic might benefit.

I shall also be mentioning the FFL UK conference and all the new science we learnt – perhaps she could check it out!

We shall see what we get!

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