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So much for weight gain…

September 25, 2011 | 7:02 pm

I was lamenting earlier in the week that I wasn’t training enough and could see the weight starting to come back, if I didn’t get some work done.

I must have been storing up those extra calories for a reason, because I used them as rocket fuel this morning.

I’ve just done my favourite Brookhouse Hill loop and set a new Personal Best (PB), doing something I wondered if I’d ever manage…. getting round in less than an hour!

I did it on the TT bike and it felt quicker than my normal road bike on the flat parts. I have done the loop on that one once before, but felt it was slower on the climbs, so didn’t think it would help me break the hour mark. As it turned out, I think it did the job, because I just pushed harder on the parts where the Time Trial bike performed best.

It sounds simple when put like that but it still needed to be ridden and I was buzzing when I saw my final time was over a minute quicker than anything I’d managed before!

Posted by Gareth

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