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Riders through the storm

September 13, 2011 | 3:23 pm

Of all the riders on this years London to Paris cycle challenge for Diabetes UK, the biggest group from one organisation were the eight intrepid souls shown below from Novo Nordisk – the makers of NovoRapid Insulin (which Samuel relies upon) as well as many other diabetes related products.

I was hoping to introduce you to as many of the riders as possible over the weekend, but with over 30 of us, I ran out of time. Apologies to those I missed! As I took this photo, but couldn’t post it, I thought I should still introduce you to them – especially because they are all such good looking folk!

From left to right you have:

Darren Holland – Senior Diabetes Care Specialist in Hampshire
Inger Smith – Pricing and Health Economics Manager
Laura Page – Regional Sales Manager for Surrey and West Sussex
Gareth Davies – Regional Sales Manager for South Wales
Steve Maishman – Regional Sales Manager for Hertfordshire
Han Xia – Executive Assistant to the VP
Richard Ashton – Diabetes Care Specialist in North London
Jeremy Proctor – Senior Diabetes Care Specialist in Oxfordshire

Posted by Gareth

3 Responses to Riders through the storm

  1. avatar avatarkathy lawrence says:

    WELL DONE to you all, and lots of money raised as well, hope the bottoms not too sore!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar avatarRoy & Hilda says:

    Well done y’all. What a good sum of money was raised I’m sure it will be put to good use. Many congrats!!!

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