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Scenes from a Spring Ride

April 10, 2011 | 8:54 pm

My normal Saturday morning ride was extra special yesterday because of the weather. Billy No Mates as usual, but without needing to get back for a particular time, I headed off on a different route to see if I could mix things up a bit.

Whilst out, it was so nice, I tried capturing the feeling of riding with no-one else around. So, may I present to you, ‘Scenes from a Spring Ride’. Either the dullest 2m39s’s of video you will ever encounter, or a beautiful insight into the cyclists world of secluded country roads, English hedgerows and blue spring skies – you decide!

And yes, I did have the audacity to use Spring (Largo) from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as the soundtrack. How literal is that!!!

Posted by Gareth

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