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Junior Triathlon

March 20, 2011 | 7:15 pm

A couple of months ago, I asked Samuel whether he would like to try doing a junior Triathlon. This was after he came home from school having done Cross Country for the first time, saying he quite enjoyed it. He swims on a weekly basis anyway and like’s cycling any chance he can. So, the running sort of completed the picture.

I was more surprised than I should have been when he said that he would like to try Junior Triathlon.

The event we have found for him has the following distances:

210m swim
3500m bike
1800m run

So this afternoon, we went for a ride closer to the distance that he would do on a triathlon, with a view to checking his bloods before and after.

A 3.5k ride (2.1m) is not very far at all. Sam was low before we left – 2.6 (47 in US bM) – which we treated with fresh OJ and we ended up doing over 5 miles, with a couple of climbs.

When we got back he was 4.8 (86.4). So I’m not sure how much we can read into his bloods in advance of any triathlon.

However, this was the first time Sam has been on his bike for a while and coped quite well. We shall see how he gets on in the next few weeks.

If he keeps it up, I will enter him in the Wakefield Junior Triathlon on June 26th. I hope he enjoys it!

Posted by Gareth

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