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London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2011

February 22, 2011 | 7:09 am

An open letter to anyone thinking of doing the above this September….

Dear potential cyclist,

I took part in the London to Paris Cycle Challenge last year. Why would I do such a thing, I hear you ask?

Would it be the opportunity to meet other people with Diabetes or Parents of Children with Diabetes?

Perhaps the chance to challenge myself to doing something I’ve never done before – cycling over 200 miles in less than 3 days?

Maybe the training that would be required in the lead up to it would help me get fit… was that the reason?

Surely the beautiful Normandy countryside, peaceful roads and sleepy french villages were the main attraction?

In fact, it was all of these, and one other very important reason…

I could raise some money for Diabetes UK whilst doing all of the above.

And before you ask, I shall be doing it again this year….. See you there?

Kind regards,


Posted by Gareth

One Response to London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2011

  1. avatar avatarRobin Crampton says:

    Morning Gareth, good to hear you are doing London to Paris again. As I said before that’s where I came in. Enrolled for London to Paris 2011, was directed to your site by Hannah at Diabetes UK. Got hooked and now I blog myself and have made contact with lots of lovely people who share a common interest. So come September I will be chasing you all the way to Paris. Thanks mate.

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