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What a difference the wind makes

January 23, 2011 | 9:28 am

I’ve just been out this morning and done a timed 20k (12 mile) loop to see my progress is going for the London Triathlon.

I did the same route two weeks ago to the day, but it was so windy then, that I felt at some points like I was standing still. And it was also quite dangerous.

So when I knew I would be billy no mates this morning, I thought I do the same route again, so as to compare. Last time, I did it in 53m 42s and today my time was 46m 41s. Over 7 minutes faster!

Considering I have only ridden once inbetween (yesterday), I can’t really say that my training has come along, it’s all down to the wind!

Having said that, todays time this early in the year, without too much wind, is a good benchmark to work from. I’d like to try and get it below 45 mins quite soon and go from there….

Posted by Gareth

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