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Record Breakers!

January 17, 2011 | 9:14 pm

We have to change Samuel’s infusion site every three days, and his site and cartridge every other change ie every six days.

And tonight we nearly forgot! We had settled down in front of the TV, catching up on Hugh’s Fish Fight (which is really interesting by the way!), and Sam remembered as I told him just to check his blood before going to bed.

So a full site and cartridge change, Let’s see how quickly we can do this.

We’re getting used to it, and I think we have just set a PB! I wasn’t timing it, but I think Roy Castle would be very proud!

Posted by Gareth

One Response to Record Breakers!

  1. avatar avatarIan Bryant says:

    Don’t forget Norris and Ross McWhirter…they too will be looking down full of admiration for the latest Tickhill, Yorkshire, UK, European and perhaps World “full site and cartridge change” Record?

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