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A million times better than expected

January 12, 2011 | 9:09 pm

It’s that time again. Samuel’s Diabetes clinic appointment was today, two months since his last one.

HbA1c time!

Samuel was 6.1 last time, down from 8.1 the first time he was tested after diagnosis.

We weren’t expecting much this afternoon. After three weeks of high blood sugars following a bout of tonsillitis, we thought that Sam’s reading would be through the roof. But the health care assistant took Sam’s blood and the it came back at 6.7. Wow! We were talking in the car on the way there about what to expect. Samuel thought it would be 9.something, Nikki said 8.something and I was trying to optimistic by predicting it would start with a 7. None of us thought it would be that low!!!

Just goes to show you what little we know. We thought we were running consistently high. But our consultant said that this is pretty normal for a diabetic who has had a viral infection. And more importantly that we had showed good control before the infection and tried hard through it. Good control!!! BM readings of over 10 still wind me up and 15+ are unacceptable! Having spent time discussing these things with her, I got the impression some expectations need to be reset – either mine or hers. Considering she’s been at it for 20years…. who do you think is assessing their expectations this evening?

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