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Error code E.something.or.other

November 27, 2010 | 10:04 am

Last night was a bit surreal.

Samuel was at Scouts. Apparantly they had been running around outside and he had left his handset/monitor in the Scout Hut. They came back inside to have hot dogs and hot chocolate, and when he went to test his blood the handset reported an error that it was too cold!

Something about a “Temperature error”, so Sam said.

Has anyone ever had this? What sort of temperatures do these meters work down to? We are going skiing at Christmas. I imagine we will be testing his bloods up a moutain in temperatures well below freezing. Has anyone done this before? Any handy tips to share on keeping things warm, or indeed if you need to.

Posted by Gareth

One Response to Error code E.something.or.other

  1. avatar avatarShirley says:

    I know Glucometers can be temperature sensitive and not want to work in the cold. I once had a battle with one of mine in cold weather before (and I live in South Africa so its definately not as cold as it there 🙂 ) To fix this problem i just put the meter into my shirt to warm it up with my body temperature.

    If you are going skiing then contact DSN before hand so you can be prepared for any problems with the meter and the pump. Are you not also concerned about his insulin ? will it not freeze? (just a thought as I dont deal with freezing weather often and am usually more concerned about mine getting to hot)

    In the pump manual does it not have specifications as to the temperatures both the pump and meter work?

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