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London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2010 video

September 19, 2010 | 6:42 pm

Posted by Gareth

4 Responses to London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2010 video

  1. avatar avatarLisa Skidmore says:

    Thats wicked, bought it all back. Just a week ago today, how time flys. xx

  2. avatar avatarPaul Fraser says:

    You are a bloody genius. Just watched it a couple of times and it came flooding back. It was truly a great weekend! Good roads, good cycling, good people, good cause! Well done old boy, your family should be very proud of you.

  3. avatar avatarLee Patterson says:

    Great video will keep all the great memories alive. thanks for all your effort, it has helped share the experience with friends and family, look forward to riding with you all again one day.

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