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A small feature…

May 12, 2013 | 11:33 am

A friend of mine publishes our local magazine “Tickhill Today” and very kindly offered to put a little feature in about my running the London Marathon as a fund raiser for JDRF. I didn’t want to share this until after I’d run the race, for fear of tempting failure!!!

13 year old Samuel Rowbotham who lives in St Leonards, Tickhill, was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in July 2010. A rare auto-immune disease that usually affects children aged 8-15, type 1 diabetes is different to the much more common type 2. With no cure in sight, Samuel is permanently connected to an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, to monitor his blood glucose levels 24 hours a day. Without these, he runs the risk of hypoglycemia, which can lead to a coma if not treated immeadiately.

Since his diagnosis, Samuel’s dad Gareth has been raising money for a cure – over £6,000 to date. The latest daft challenge he is undertaking is the biggie!!! The London Marathon! By the time you read this, he will have (hopefully) completed the 26 mile (and 385 yard) slog. Training hasn’t been all plain sailing with injuries taking their tole in the build up. His wife Nikki and daughters Lily-Anne & Grace will be going down with Samuel to support their Dad on the day. If Gareth does complete the marathon, he will need some help on his next goal – he needs to raise £1800 to give to JDRF for his place in the race!!!

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is the worlds leading charity for funding research into a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. If you feel you could help Gareth with his fundraising, just go to:

or simply text the code CURE55 and an amount in £ to 70070. For example, if you want to donate £5, your text would look like:

CURE55 £5

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