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Kit list

July 26, 2012 | 9:34 pm

This post is in response to a fellow amateur (soon to be) triathlete, who asked whether the following list of items covers all the requirements for a sprint triathlon.

Transition bag
Normal Clothes
Flip flops

All these are fine although I can’t stand flip flops!!! You will also need a number belt or safety pins, or both to pin your race number on.

Swim hat
Compressport calf guards

I usually take a swim hat but it should be provided at the race. Each race usually has a colour code system for waves, male, female, standards etc so provide the hat. You may also want a small towel to dry your feet before putting on shoes, although I’ve never really used one. I don’t know what Compressport calf guards are – sounds technical!


Don’t forget the bike!!!

To help with the transition onto the bike, I have my shoes in the bike clips already and hold them at the correct point by a thin elastic band. When you get out of transition and pedal for the first time, the band snaps off. Hard to describe – probably worth checking out YouTube! I sewed a small piece of material into the top of the heel of my road shoes, to make a loop like the ones on a pro’s triathlon shoes – so there’s something to loop the elastic band through!

I don’t wear socks – they’d take too long to put on when you’re feet are wet and the distance isn’t long enough to worry too much about blisters.

Drinks bottle
Sport beans
Achilles support

I don’t run with a drinks bottle as its only 3 miles. If you need a drink on the run, there should be a feed station en-route (need to check with the organisers).

Don’t know what Sports beans are!?!

Hope that helps – see you Sunday!

Posted by Gareth

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