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12 IronMan in 2012 – half year review

July 2, 2012 | 9:28 pm

With July upon us already, that means two things.

Firstly, the Tour de France has started, and after two stages, TeamSky are doing us proud – Wiggo sat nicely just 7 seconds off the Yellow Jersey and Cav also second in the Points competiton, with a stage win under his belt. Love it!

Secondly, it also means we are six months into the 12 IronMan in 2012 challenge, and I’m pleased to report I have done an IronMan a month so far! 6 down, 6 to go!

It has proved to be an excellent motivator, keeping me focused on training day in and day out. So long as I do two swims a week, two runs a week and one to two rides each weekend, I can hit the goal. Missing too many makes it hard to catch up – and that’s what keeps me training.

There are now eight others who have registered for my challenge with the miles being logged here. Not everyone has been going from the start but in terms of IronMan’s completed, the ranking is as follows:

Name No of IronMans in 2012
Gareth Rowbotham 6
Toby Field 4
Jamie Bishop 4
David Macdermott 1
Michael Barnett 1

Honorable mentions go to the others who have logged miles, Pete Smith & Stu Sklinar.

I suspect for a number of people, the number of IronMan’s logged would be higher if it hadn’t been for injuries! It must be gutting to want to train or compete and your body not let you. I did think at the start of the year the biggest challenge would be to stay injury free, and for me.. so far, so good.

Here’s to the next six months.

Posted by Gareth

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