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June 22, 2012 | 10:15 pm

After the Diabetes Awarness video came out last week, amongst others, it was noticed by the BBC, who wanted to do an article about it and expand the back story. Diabetes UK passed on my details and so last Friday I did a telephone interview with Philippa Roxby, Health Reporter for BBC News.

I’m not sure of the areas she wanted to expand on, but I hoped they would be interested in the symptoms not mentioned in the video itself.

The producers had chosen (correctly in my opinion) to focus on just a few of the symptoms a child might exhibit in the pre-diabetic stage – drinking, weeing and lethargy. However, there are others, a couple of which Sam suffered from, that we didn’t know were symptoms of his developing condition – namely, cramps from dehydration and weight loss. And I discussed these with Philippa Roxby, so perhaps some details of them will appear in her article.

We also discussed how Sam ended up in hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), more details of which I wrote about here.

Hopefully, these will be included in the article tomorrow. We shall see…

Once the article is out, it will appear here.


The article has gone live, and I’m pleased to say that it goes into a lot more detail than I thought it might and is (mostly) accurate. Please share the link – the more people who hear about the symptoms, the more chance we have of saving a child from going DKA.

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