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Notes on a Challenge

January 5, 2012 | 12:29 pm

As already mentioned, I will be challenging myself to do 12 IronMan Triathlon’s in 12 months in 2012… ie one a month.

And you are welcome to join in. If you would like to, just email me with your Google Account Login and I will add you to the spreadsheet.

To try and pre-empt some questions people might have, I’ve put together the following list. They are definately not rules or regulations – I’m not one for over-regulation and I can’t tell you what to do… see them more as a list of FAQ’s or guidelines…

The Swim Leg
In a ‘proper’ Ironman, you swim 2.4 miles in open water. For the purposes of this challenge, any mileage in the pool or in open water counts. You can do any stroke, even doggy paddle, noone here will judge you!

The Bike Leg
112 miles in one go! If you like! Or over a month, if you’d prefer. Just record your distance and put it into the sheet. As far as I’m concerned, all miles count, whether they are leisure, commute or turbo. If it’s in the legs, it goes in the spreadhseet! I normally suggest turbo miles are worked out at 15 miles an hour (ie half an hour on a static bike counts as 7.5 miles) however, some more advanced turbo trainers may give you an accurate reading of mileage, and I think thats fine. If you trust it, so do I.

The Run leg
I’ve never done a Marathon (except the one with peanuts!) but reckon that a couple of 3.5 miles runs a week will mean I comfortably cover the distance over a month. We shall see. Again, any mileage counts, so long as you are running! I wont be counting a walk in the country with the children and the dogs – I don’t think you should either.

Team Challenge
One of my cycling mates has often said to me, I’d do a triathlon if it wasn’t for the running and swimming! Well, if you don’t fancy doing all three disciplines every month, how about teaming up with some others? If you want to enter as a team of two or more, just let me know when you email me your Google login and I will ammend your entry into the spreadhseet accordingly. I don’t need to know everything about all your team members, just their names will suffice. If you want to link to a webpage on the spreadsheet with all their details, please feel free but keep it clean!

Posted by Gareth

One Response to Notes on a Challenge

  1. avatar avatarStu Sklinar says:

    This is a bloody brilliant idea! Ill be joining shortly!

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