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The Dexcom trial continues

January 3, 2012 | 6:02 pm

Just a little update from the land of CGM’s.

We are now over two weeks into the trial – which is only supposed to last two weeks anyway. Two weeks and a day to be precise, as we started on Monday 19th December in the evening.

Each sensor is designed to last 7 days. We have been told that many people get them to last longer than that though, often 10-14 days. Well, we are still on our first sensor and heading into our 16th day.

We had a sensor error on New Years Eve, which you can see on the plot below – its the gap where there are no readings for four hours!

Based on advice from other users who have the Dexcom and have shared their experiences online, we reset the sensor by turning the system off for a couple of hours then restarting it. This seems to have worked so far as we have got a couple more days out of it and counting.

Today was also Samuel’s first day back at school and hence his first day on the Dexcom at school. He didn’t mention that it caused any issues which is about as good as we could expect.

Tomorrow will be the real test though, as he has PE, and will have to do it for the first time wearing an infusion set, CGM sensor, insulin pump and CGM receiver! They are all attached to him and a belt (which I have nicknamed his Batman Utility Belt – for obvious reasons).

As I have become accustomed to saying at the end of my posts lately, we shall see….

Posted by Gareth

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