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Bike Build Update

May 16, 2011 | 9:11 pm

So, we’ve moved on a bit. Having got a set of forks, I have been able to fit the wheels and get a first look at the proportions of the bike.

The wheels are actually mountain bike wheels – slighlty smaller than road wheels.

And that is the question – do you think they look too small?

Posted by Gareth

3 Responses to Bike Build Update

  1. avatar avatarPhill says:

    The wheels look good to me. You can tell that the frame will take bigger ones, but I love the blackness of the build. Will the brakes be OK on the smaller wheels?

  2. avatar avatarRobin Crampton says:

    Hi Gareth the bike looks well. I had the same thought as Phill and wondered if the brakes will reach on the smaller wheels.

  3. Thanks for the comments gents! The next secret ingredient will be Disc brakes!

    It’s hard to tell from the photo’s but one of the things I was keen to try was disc brakes both front and rear – something I’m not used to as a roadie!! So the frame and forks have lugholes on them for disc brakes – the forks were particularly hard to come by. A rigid fork that can take a disc brake bracket is not that common!!!

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