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Saturday mornings ride

April 16, 2011 | 11:46 am

Another beautiful morning, another great ride.

Most of the lads are busy at the minute with work or childrens football committments, so I was Billy No Mates once again.

That does has its advantages though, as I can choose my own route and set my own pace, the details of which are below. I wasn’t going to go mad as I have been under strict instructions from the boss not to train whilst I had a cold. In her opinion, it would take longer to clear up if I continued running and swimming. I’m not sure, but when you don’t feel 100%, it’s hard(er) to argue!

The cold has pretty much cleared up now, so not going mad meant 35 miles, the 2nd longest ride of the year so far, with 1500 feet of climbing, the most in one ride this year!! Whoops!

Posted by Gareth

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