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Break out the torture device

February 6, 2011 | 8:15 pm

This blog is turning into a constant complaint about the weather. All I ever think I am writing about is the times I can’t ride because its too windy or raining.

And this was going to be another episode of the same story. But this afternoon, I gave into the inevitable and broke out the turbo trainer.

An hour later, whilst watching the Chelsea – Liverpool game (what a result BTW) and I feel much better.

To make it more interesting, I tried interval training. A mile at a steady pace followed by a mile at higher intensity. Normally I hate the turbo trainer. But it worked quite well, and the hour passed much more quickly than it normally does.

Looking at the results on Garmin connect, the graph from my Heart Rate Monitor was really interesting, following the mile on/mile off really closely. Click on the “View details” button – the profile looks like a fort barricade.

Well, sort of!

Posted by Gareth

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