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Where there’s muck… there’s tractors!

November 20, 2010 | 12:29 pm

I did my ‘normal’ Saturday morning ride that includes my own personal Col de la Madone, otherwise known as Brookhouse hill. It wasn’t actually raining but the roads were wet and the tractors have been out in force so they were covered in mud. The end result is one mucky rider and one very mucky bike….

Trek 1.5
Trek 1.5
Trek 1.5

Do you think I can get away with a couple more rides before washing it….? Or should I do it now?

Posted by Gareth

2 Responses to Where there’s muck… there’s tractors!

  1. avatar avatarGrandma Rowbotham says:

    Clean the bike, it, s good for the soul.

  2. avatar avatarGareth says:

    Don’t worry – I cleaned it. It’s good for the soul and for the bike too!!!

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